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28 Frugal Money Saving Tips to Budget Better

1. At the end of the day, put your change into a jar to save. Then hide it from yourself. You will find that this can add up to a substantial amount quickly. Call this your “Savings For a Rainy Day Money Fund.” It’s a great way to save for a vacation, gifts, etc.

2. By far the easier way to save money in any house is to simply turn off the lights that are not being used. When you leave a room, even if you are going back, turn off the lights as you leave out.

3. Are you watching TV? If not, why is it on? Turn it off unless someone is watching it! I have had friends that actually leave their home to go to town and leave their lights and TV running. Every little bit helps!

4. Before making ANY special purchase, no matter how small the cost, think about it first. Do you REALLY need this item? Is it worth the money? Is there any other way I can do the same thing this item will, without spending this amount of money on it? Impulse buying can quickly eat into your savings, so always think before you buy.

5. Disposable diapers are nice, but they run into a lot of expense. Use cloth diapers at home in the day, and save the disposable ones for going places and night time. With the average cost for a package of disposable diapers, you can save a good deal of money in the two year’s baby is in diapers.

6. After Baby has passed the first baby food stages, feed Baby what the rest of the family eats. You can grind or mush foods for Baby. Remember nothing spicy! Babies can eat veggies, fruits, and a lot that you prepare at home for a fraction of the cost.

7. Buy clothes at yard sales or second hand for the baby or small child. As fast as babies and toddlers grow, why buy new clothes they won’t even wear out before they’ve outgrown them? I have found practically brand new clothes for pennies in this way.

8. Don’t spend the money on small trash bags. Save the ones you get from the grocery store. They work well and are free, and hold trash just as well as those store-bought ones. If you shop in different stores, you can even get different colored ones.

9. Save on your power bill in the summer by cooking early in the morning and late at night, having only to heat foods up during the day. The less you can use the oven during the hot part of the summer, the better on your finances.

10. Use a clothesline to dry your clothes. If no clothes line is available, only run your dryer early in the morning or late at night, to keep from heating up the house even more. The heat these two appliances put off will make your air units run more, so using them during the coolest times possible will help a lot.

11. The opposite is true for the winter months. Cooking, using the oven, and drying clothes during the coldest part of the winter can help keep your heating costs lower. Since you have to cook anyway, why not let the heat of the stove help heat the home at the same time?

12. Use your dryer sheets more than once. I use mine three times or more, and they still work just as well. This saves money, and your clothes are just as soft and static free. More so, try dryer balls. For about $10 for a pack of two, this is a great frugal value.

13. Learn to do basic mending. Don’t throw away a piece of clothing just because it has a hem undone, a hole, or lost button. The price of clothing has become so ridiculously high that one wonders how anyone can afford to throw something out just because it needs a tiny bit of mending.

14. Most have heard the old saying, “Waste not, want not.” Save leftovers and have later, rather than throw them out. Pass on outgrown clothing to other children or thrift stores. Don’t just leave the water running if not in use.

15. Turn off the lights when no one needs them. Don’t make unnecessary trips, and save on gas. If something can be used again, use it again.

16. Buy your holiday items on clearance the day after a major holiday and save them until the next year. For example, I often find Christmas wrapping paper and decorations at about 75% off the retail price the two days after Christmas.

17. If you enjoy sewing or are interested in learning how you can save tons of money on blankets. Use those old clothes that have become worn, cut them into patterns, and make a quilt! Besides saving money, these quilts make a wonderful heirloom and bring back fond memories. Save old shirt sleeves and pants legs from alterations for the quilt also.

18. Don’t buy rags from a store just to use them as rags. Cut those worn towels and hand towels into smaller pieces. These are wonderful for dish rags, dusting rags, bathroom cleaning rags, and washing the vehicle.

19. Buttons on old clothing can be reused again and again. They can be sewn onto new clothes, used for counting practice for small children, and used for various craft projects.

20. Do kids have holes in the knees of their pants? What kid doesn’t sooner or later? Don’t throw the pants out, make the pants into shorts or sew colorful patches over both knees. This adds more life to the piece of clothing.

21. You can save at least $10 per head if you cut hair at home. I save $40 a month by cutting hair at home. I paid $25 for a home barber set, which paid for itself the first month. No, the kids don’t have the latest fad haircut, but they are nice looking and look cool too.

22. Are you paying too much for your prescription medicines? Try getting a generic brand next time. Every generic medicine I have ever used is just as good as the nationally known brand but costs much less. For those that need a lot of different medications on a regular basis, the cost can run into a hefty amount.

23. Prepare meals at home. Eating out gobbles up your money! Buy foods that you have to cook, rather than already boxed or made. Save the boxed and frozen meals to make on those sick days or when you absolutely cannot cook a meal. Set yourself up a time to eat out, once a week, once a month, or just when you are gone all day and must eat out. Make eating out a special occasion, not something you do just because you don’t want to cook.

24. Don’t shop for groceries when you’re hungry. You end up buying more than you intended. Make a grocery list before leaving the house. Then stick to it!

25. If you must buy name brand items, search for items you have coupons for or that are on sale. You can save more if your store has double and triple coupon days. Sales and coupons combined with a prepared shopping list add up to great savings.

26. Eat less meat at a meal. Use “stretcher” meats like ground beef, tuna, and chicken. Cook the meal with the meat added into something else, such as you own made at home “Help That Hamburger Out” concoction, soups, or stews.

27. Rent a video rather than go out to the movies. If you’d rather go to the movies, check out the theater’s bargain time and day. Resist the urge to buy expensive popcorn, candy, and drinks. We used to sneak our drinks and snacks in. It saved us tons of money!

28. Going out for the day and need a cooler for drinks or food? Use your own ice, rather than buying a bag or two of it. The day before, start emptying up those ice trays into a container. It’s an easy way to save yourself a couple of bucks.

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