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Money-saving Tips for Families with Children

saving for family with children

Money-saving tips can be applied to a number of key areas in order to create a stimulus plan in your own home. With the shift in the economy and even with some unplanned employment changes, families can still find extra money by applying simple money-saving strategies every month within their own homes.

Children are a blessing and the expenses associated with raising well-rounded children can often seem like a struggle to accomplish. There are lessons and activities that we as parents must make available to our children so that they can achieve the self-confidence and even special skills that are needed for their future excellence.

Piano lessons, dance lessons, baseball uniforms, ice skates and uniforms for lessons, flutes, and other musical instruments, up to date clothing, and even well nourishing food can often be sacrificed as the family focuses on paying the necessary household bills each month. You can save money each month by applying some of the following tips. The money saved can be applied to these very important parts of a well-balanced childhood.

Save Money on Groceries

You can save a lot of money each month by creating a list of exactly what groceries you are buying that week. Create a list of meals you plan to cook and this will help you purchase enough food for one week.

Money-saving coupons are available each week in the Sunday paper and they can be used to help you save money on the items that are on your list. Cut out the coupons for items that you need to purchase that are on your list and leave the rest of the coupons uncut.

You can use those papers again next week along with the new coupons and if the coupons are for items on your list then cut them out. Do not use the coupons to explore new and unneeded items, as this is why most people determine that they do not see actual savings when they have used coupons.

Shopping in bulk at large wholesale stores, such as BJs and Sams, can also save you money and can keep your house stocked up. Also, check out the weekly deals in the food section of your local Target and Walmart. They are in competition to get you to shop in their store for the best deals and the best deals are exactly what you can focus on buying. Stay out of the areas of the store that you will do not write on your list. Click here to learn more about saving money on groceries.

Save Money on Electric

You can see money savings by simply determining to keep the electric use in your home under control. You can encourage your family to turn off their lights when they leave the room, to shut out the porch light when no one is outside and to be sure that all lights are out when everyone is in bed and before everyone leaves the house each day. You can save substantial amounts on your electric bill each month by applying these simple tips. More in this great video:

Recycle kids clothing

You can exchange your child’s clothing with another family that can offer you larger clothing from one of their children. You can also check out used clothing which is being sold on sites such as craigslist.

You can often find large bags of clothing in the correct season and in your child’s size for $20-$30. The seller of the clothing is often a mom or dad that is just like you.

They usually offer pictures of some of the clothing or some of the names of the manufacturers of the clothing which they are selling. These money-savings really add up and you can add to your children’s wardrobe extras such as pajamas, sweatpants, shirts, sweatshirts, etc all in one large bag for a very low price.

If You Use Payday Loans, Do It Wisely.

If you ever fall short of money, then there are payday loans to save you. If you have an urgent medical bill to pay, or your car needs to be fixed – just Google something like “1 hour payday loans”, choose one of the top results, fill their online loan request form with your information, hit “submit” and you’re all set! Just remember to pay it back on time. Continue reading here if you want more information on 1-hour payday loans.

Clearance Shopping

You can save a lot of money by clearance shopping at large department stores. There may be items that you need for your home that may have cost $50 if priced on sale but you can find it on clearance for $20.

The difference in cost can be used to purchase healthy food, clothing, or even lessons for your children. Some stores that I have found to have extremely great clearance prices on clothing and household items are JC Penny’s, and Kohles. I have found that Gymboree, Old Navy, Gap, and children’s Place offer incredibly low clearance prices on high-quality children’s clothing that will last and last.

Gift Purchasing

You can be known as an excellent gift purchaser and you can have the gift that everyone brags about for less money than you ever thought imaginable. This can be done by clearance shopping for great deals. If you plan to spend $20.00 on a gift, search for a $20.00 item on clearance for just $10.00 or even $7.00 dollars. The savings add up to money that stays in your pocket and that can be applied to the expenses of caring for and raising your children.

You can get name brand items and toys at the stores I mentioned above year-round that make excellent gift items. You can even create a small wardrobe of already purchased clearance gifts for school friend’s parties and for nieces and nephews. You can pull from this closet of items when spontaneous gifts are needed.

Sell your Extra stuff and Unwanted Stuff

You can make extra money each month by selling items on Craigslist or other local classified ads. You can sell broken electronics instead of throwing them away, there are people who will buy them and fix them. For example, if your child breaks their PSP. DS or PlayStation, they can be sold broken, as is on eBay or through local classified ads. You can sell unwanted furniture easily through a classified ad. Selling the items that you do not need or no longer use can add money to your pocket each month that can be used to pay for ice skating lessons, clothing, and healthy food.

Purchase Items through Classified Ads, Online and Yard-Sales

You can save money by purchasing furniture from moving sales. You can also get great deals on excellent looking tables, chairs, beds and dressers. If your child desires a certain expensive toy you can search your local Craigslist or look online through Amazon or eBay to see if you can find excellent savings on the same toy new or used. You can find excellent savings by following this plan whenever you need an item including something that breaks down in the home such as a washing machine or dishwasher.

Before heading out with the credit card, check for yard sales or moving sales that are advertising that item. Check out Craigslist. There are so many people that are selling the very item that you need at great savings.

You’ll be amazed at the amount of extra money that you can generate through these money-saving tips. Money that was basically being spent in excess or being spent needlessly can be eliminated and you can add money to your pocket each month. These money savings can be used to help raise fully rounded children with high self-esteem levels. You can end the struggle for paying your monthly bills by making some adjustments in your home such as suggested above money-saving tips.

As you begin to apply a few of these simple ideas, you will find some money-saving ideas of your own and you will be able to apply those ideas to save even more money each month. Raising children is made easier when you can make money and save money on monthly expenses that were erasing the extra money that was needed for children raising expenses.

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