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Money Saving Tips for a Young Couple’s First Christmas


One of the most exciting periods, of your first year together, is the holiday season. It can also be the costliest.

You want to share the holiday spirit with each other and your friends, but you have little or nothing to use.

This article will give you some ideas for having a great holiday season, without breaking your bank.

Step 1. Establish a budget. This is for decorations, greetings, snacks, and gifts. Determine that the two of you will not exceed it at any cost. Keep a written ledger, of what you spend and a running total.

Step 2. Think simple. You don’t need the extra lights on your home. Those will come with time. You can still show off your house decorations, by using the lights that are already there. If you have outdoor lights, center some outdoor decorations in front of these lights. Place your tree in the center of the front window of your home for display.

Step 3. Think Natural for decorations. Take your spouse and head for the woods. Make sure that you aren’t trespassing. You can get pine cones, acorns, and fir tree limbs to garnish your home. Pine cones and acorns look fantastic with a coat of lacquer on them. The smell from fresh cut evergreen adds to the home decorations.
Evergreen looks great on bookshelves or on a mantle or countertop.

Step 4. Rearrange the furniture in your home. Balance your furniture with small holiday decorations. Small decorations on a table, shelf or mantle goes along with the simple idea above.

Step 5. Look for coupons and even exchange them with a friend for baking and cooking supplies. Magazines and newspapers are loaded with coupons for the holidays. Clip them out and talk with other couples about making a few trades. However, be careful. Sometimes generic items are still cheaper than popular brand names.

Step 6. Gift exchanges. Take advantage of these. If you make out a list, place tree decorations as an item. This makes it simple shopping for you and it serves a good purpose. Always try to be as specific as possible about what you need.

Step 7. The value of the wrapped candy cane. These can be used on a tree. They are ideal for snacks and other unique decorations, too. They can even be used with a Gingerbread House. The same can be said about using popcorn strings on your tree.

Step 8. Wrapping paper. Instead of buying expensive paper, use the newspaper funnies. Use boxes that are furnished from department stores. Don’t worry about the store’s name or logo. It is probably on your gift anyway.

Step 9. Potluck. If you are having friends over, always ask them to bring something along to share for the meal. This will reduce your grocery bill. You could even do the same with beverages.

Step 10. Christmas Cards. Since postage has gone up, we only mail to those at a distance. The others are hand given. Keep a list of who sends you cards for the next year. that will determine who you give them to. Speaking of cards, they are great for adding to your holiday decorations. I display them in groups of three or four at strategic locations throughout our home.

Step 11. Buying for each other. Keep gifts to a reasonable amount for yourselves. You are in this together. Don’t try to outdo each other. That will only cause a guilty feeling and add to your holiday stress. You don’t need that.

Step 12. Buy an ornament that has the year on it. Try to add one each year. It is a great way to reminisce about holidays past.

Finally, always turn off electrical decorations at a set time each night. Leaving them on all night can run up your electric bill. Young couples want to have a great first-holiday experience. They can do so by sticking to their budget and relying on each other for support.

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